Baroque Heidelberg

This voyage of discovery will reveal what life in the baroque era was like beyond the luxury of the royal court, with its lavish parties and fawning courtiers in powdered wigs.

Dates: Sonntags, 15. März und
12. Juli, jeweils um 15:00 Uhr
Meeting Point: Marktplatz, Entrance of Town Hall

Discover how the people of Heidelberg lived in a period of war, occupation and destruction, forced migration and hardship. Find out about the city’s new beginning, how it was rebuilt in the new style, and about support for business, science and the arts. Why was there a dispute over a wall? How did the prince elector punish the city, and how did an entire region get its very own “lucky pig”?

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Führung individuell buchbar, auch in englischer Sprache sowie im Kostüm